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Unions Buy Local Campaign

Unions Buy Local Campaign


(the "Union Buck", that is)

Beacuse NOW is the time to show the business community who has the real purchasing power in Rhode Island.

Union members throughout Rhode Island have kicked off their ‘Unions Buy Local’ campaign in support of Rhode Island small businesses by conducting Cash Mobs in cities and towns across Rhode Island. The campaign is designed to encourage union members to support local small businesses within their communities. It will run from Mother’s Day weekend until Father’s Day weekend.

  • RI’s 100,000 active and retired union members, including classroom teachers, police officers, firefighters, state employees and other union members, are major supporters of small businesses.

  • Union members, and the middle class in general, have much greater purchasing power than wealthy individuals.


Click here for a listing of Cash Mob times and locations.


When Unions buy local, everyone wins.


When to "Pass the Union Buck":

  • Hand them to cashiers every time you shop, dine at a local restaurant, pay local bills by mail, or use a service (salon, oil change), etc.
  • Focus your union bucks on small businesses in particular, but also use them in any place you spend money in your local community or elsewhere
  • Remember, the point is to build ties with your local merchants – everyone pulling together in tough economic times

Who Should Get It:

  • Give a union buck to whomever takes your payment for goods or services, even if this person is an employee and not the manager or owner
  • Ask the employee to make sure the manager/owner receives the union buck as a symbol of support for his/her business
What to Say:
  • "I’m giving you this union buck today to show you how much union members in town support local businesses."
  • "Please pass this union buck on to your manager to show how much union members support local businesses."
  • "Union members in town appreciate and support local businesses that are working hard to make this community enjoyable for all of us."
  • "Local small business owners and their employees have much in common with union members; we live in the community, raise our children here, spend our money here and frankly, most of us will sometime retire here. We are much better working together and growing the local economy. We need to support each other."

To print out the Tips for Members, click here.