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Useful Links

AFT Legislative Action Center
Enables you to send a fax or e-mail directly to your elected leaders on key issues and allows you easy access to your representative's and senator's voting record. You can also find your congressional representative using your Zip code, view congressional schedules and get the latest information on issues that affect your workplace.

AFT National Web Site
Link to the national AFT home page

RI Department of Education Website
The official website of the RI Department of Education including access to the archive of Commissioner of Education Title 16 Decisions issued between 1991 and 1999. Click here for the Legislative and Legal page.

Rhode Island Education Exchange
A public service web site sponsored by URI's National Center on Public Education, the site provides parents, teachers, and students the opportunity to participate in a variety of interactive communications capabilities for the improvement of Rhode Island's schools.

AFL-CIO Union Label and Service Trades Department
Link to the AFL-CIO "Do Not Buy" List

Rhode Island Department of Health
RIDH Web site for health regulations, licensing information, fees, etc.

Institute for Labor Studies and Research
The ISLR is committed to providing educational opportunities that:
* Respect workers' knowledge, skills, and diversity;
* Achieve a greater measure of democracy in the workplace;
* Affirm the dignity of all workers.

RI Employees Retirement System
Rules and Regulations for the ERSRI

EPA Indoor Air Quality in Schools
EPA Indoor Air Quality in Schools web site