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Let Teachers Teach

On May 20, 2013, teachers and support personnel from across RI came together to voice their concerns regarding the direction Commissioner Gist is leading education policy and procedures in their State.


By Diane Ravitch

Imagine that you are a teacher in a high school in a high-poverty district. Many of your students don't speak English. Some don't attend school regularly because they have to earn money or baby-sit with their siblings while their parents are looking for work. Some come to school unprepared because they didn't do their homework. But you are idealistic and dedicated, you work with each of the students, you do your best to teach them reading, writing, science, math, history, whatever your subject. But despite your best efforts, many of your students can't read very well (they are struggling to learn English), and many of them don't graduate. If your school eliminated all its standards, you could easily push up the graduation rate.

Bob Kerr: The teacher, the dentist, and the numbers

Providence Journal Website
01:00 AM EST on Wednesday, March 3, 2010

OK, can we at least admit that things have gotten strange and twisted when members of the Howard Beale Society give a standing ovation to a woman for putting people out of work?

What next — a bus tour of underperforming schools at which Society members could get out to yell “Send out the teachers!”

There is damage being done here. In this eagerness to support the wholesale firing of veteran teachers, people are not thinking about what comes next. Will good teachers want to go near schools that have been set up as free-fire zones for zealous reformers? And will teachers who are willing to take jobs in schools that are being forced to fit into federal guidelines have any understanding of the community they’re in or the particular needs of its students?

Former AFT President Sandra Feldman Dies at Age 65

Sandra Feldman, who rose from her position as a second-grade elementary school teacher in New York City to become president of the 1.3 million member American Federation of Teachers, died September 18, 2005 after a long battle with cancer, AFT President Edward J. McElroy announced today. Feldman would have been 66 years old next month.

Sandy's death is a great loss for the AFT personally and professionally and for the children of our nation, said McElroy. She was a leader without comparison and will be remembered for her vigorous commitment to better the lives of the teachers and school staff she represented and the children they served.

Getting Ready for PARCC: Instructional Strategies Beyond Test Prep

NEW SECTION OF PARCC Tools in the ELA Classroom Added


Demand for our “PARCC TOOLS in the ELA CLASSROOM has been so great that we’ve just added another section. Time is short, and we know it’s vacation week, but act fast to reserve your space in our newly scheduled March 2nd session.  With PARCC assessments about to be given in March, this session could not be more timely and IT’S FREE. Spaces will fill up quickly, so register now and join us on the 2nd. Click here for the registration flyer, then e-mail the requested information to Cynthia Burke at RIFTCynthia@aol.com

RIFTHP Issues Press Release on Teacher Evaluation Bill

Press Release

For Immediate Release                             Contact:  Frank Flynn
Date:  July 10, 2014                                    RIFTFrank@aol.com

RIFTHP Thanks General Assembly
for Passing Teacher Evaluation Bill

The RIFTHP is pleased that the RI General Assembly passed legislation relieving effective and highly effective teachers from all aspects of the current evaluation system for two and three years respectively, while ensuring annual conferences between teachers and supervisors.

This legislation creates a more manageable evaluation system, relieving administrators of the current, unnecessary burden of evaluating teachers whom they have identified as Highly Effective and Effective every year in the same way, allowing them to focus their time where it is needed the most, supporting new teachers and those in need of improvement.

Rhode Island Visiting Nurse Selected as RI Nurse of the Year

Rhode Island Visiting Nurse Selected as R.I. Nurse of the Year
By National Association for Home Care and Hospice

PROVIDENCE, R.I.—Warwick, R.I.-based visiting nurse Sue Hjerpe has been selected as Rhode Island Nurse of the Year and is a top-10 finalist for National Nurse of the Year by the National Association for Home Care and Hospice. Hjerpe, a member of the Federation of Visiting Nurses, Local 5090, RIFTHP, AFT, was honored at NAHC’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, October 31. Hjerpe, a native and resident of Cranston, is a graduate of the RIC College of Nursing.

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