Educational Research & Dissemination

Since the 1980's the RIFTHP has been involved in the American Federation of Teachers' Educational Research and Dissemination (ER&D) Program. ER&D is a professional development program that brings educational research and practical application together to assist our members in strengthening their instructional and classroom management skills. ER&D is a colleague-to-colleague approach to sharing research and best practice that is conducted in a hands-on, non-threatening, non-judgmental atmosphere.

The AFT recognizes the RIFTHP's ER&D program as an exemplary model because it combines national training and ongoing state federation support for a network of expert local leaders who serve as ER&D coordinators and conduct training sessions at both the state and local level. The RIFTHP's program has grown remarkably since the early 1990's into a network of over 50 coordinators and has led to the development of strong local professional development programs in many of our affiliates.

ER&D coordinators are exemplary practitioners and union leaders selected by their local presidents. They are trained at an intensive ten-day national AFT institute and meet regularly with the RIFTHP Director of Professional Issues and other ER&D coordinators to deepen their understanding of the research and to plan effective dissemination techniques. ER&D courses carry CEU credit and are offered statewide through summer, fall, winter and spring ER&D institutes as well as through local professional development academies or programs. ER&D courses include:

Beginning Reading

Reading Comprehension

Thinking Mathematics

Parent/Family Involvement

Managing Anti-Social Behavior

Look for information on ER&D offerings in the Federation or through your building representative