Foundations of Effective Teaching II

This course addresses the challenges teachers are facing today to raise the performance levels of all students while also closing the achievement gap. It addresses both environmental and instructional conditions that foster student achievement by (1) examining the effects that teacher expectations and the social context of the classroom have on student learning, and (2) providing an in-depth study of two instructional models—cognitive apprenticeship and cooperative small groups that actively engage students and address the diversity of their learning needs. This course extends and deepens many concepts introduced in Foundations I; it can be taken either in consecutive years or as an advanced offering for seasoned trainers. While Foundations I is ideal to deliver to novice teachers and paraprofessionals, this advanced course is targeted to more seasoned educators who are prepared to engage in in-depth study and reflective practice. It also may be used to support school improvement teams or school-wide initiatives to raise achievement.

Pre-requisite: Foundations of Effective Teaching I.